Getting things done (GTD) technique

"Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them." – David Allen said once, and that is how exactly the GTD technic can be described in a few words.

What is GTD (Getting Things Done)?

Getting Things Done (GTD) – the methodology that helps people to improve personal productivity since 2001, after the book of the same name had been published.

What are the main principles of GTD?

Here we have 5 simple principles that will help you to provide GTD and improve your personal productivity.



Have you ever woke up after midnight with a feeling you forgot something? Important task, brilliant idea, useful information? Everything or anything that catches your attention during the day should be gathered somewhere. Make records, write and collect all data, use appropriate tools for self-management. Any task or idea that springs to mind have to be noted.



Well, you have captured some new info, but what exactly you need it for? Is it a process? Something you can do? If so, decide the next action and project (if more than one action is required). If not, decide if it is trash, reference, or something you may need further.



It’s extremely important how you structure your ideas and tasks. Everything should be places on its own shelf. Appropriate structure of categories and subcategories will affect structure of your life too and will help to improve your results, of course.



Fact that you carefully wrote down and categorize in the right way your immediate thought is awesome, but it is not enough. Reviewing your upcoming and available tasks regularly is a real key to systematic improvement of your working process and life quality.



Last and the very natural point of GTD is that you need to not only work with tasks but also work ON them. Confidently use your plans in a real life. Integrate your self-managing system with your working process and let it be your guide to get through every day routine toward success.