Online Typing Speed Test

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How to improve typing speed?

You need to practice regularly by focusing on your correct position, using all your fingers, hitting the right keys without looking, and using online typing tools. Learn more about how to improve typing speed.

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What is a good typing speed?

Typing speed depends on the context and purpose of the typing. The best typing speed is one that is comfortable and efficient for the individual user.

Anyway, there are some approximate ranges of typing speed. A speed of around 40-50 words per minute (wpm) is considered good for most general purposes. This is fast enough to quickly and efficiently produce written documents or messages.

For specialized fields such as transcription or data entry, faster typing speeds of 60-80 wpm or more may be required.

Why is it important to take a typing speed test?

By taking a typing speed test, you may find out your average typing speed (WPM), evaluate your skills, and identify areas for improvement. You may monitor your development and gauge improvement by completing typing speed tests on occasion. On your CV, you may also emphasize your administrative talents by using your typing test WPM score!